About ICAC

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is an anti-corruption agency established under Section 220B of the Constitution of the independent State of Papua New Guinea and is governed by the Organic Law on Independent Commission Against Corruption (OLICAC).

The ICAC plays an important role in leading the fight against corruption in Papua New Guinea. Our mission is to disrupt and deter corruption through prevention, investigation, prosecution and cooperation.

ICAC was established to prevent and combat corrupt conduct by public officials, systemic corrupt conduct within public bodies and corruption by private individuals who may be in receipt of government funds or who may have influenced or encouraged corrupt conduct.

We will work with government departments, agencies and institutions, the private sector, civil society organisations, non-government organisations,  development partners and international counterparts to build resistance against corruption, lift integrity standards and ensure that threats to corruption are addressed. We aim to promote trust and confidence in the public sector, and encourage positive behavioral change amongst all public officials and citizens.

Thank you for visiting the ICAC website. Together we can build a Papua New Guinea with low levels of corruption.